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The Girl Scouts of the USA introduced the new Journeys program back in 2008. While it has met with leader resistance due to the wordiness and lack of imaginative activity, it is a necessary part of the Girl Scouting program as the girls get older.

In order to earn the Junior Girl Scout Bronze Award, the girls in the troop must first complete a journey. While the Bronze Award is not necessary to earn the higher level awards, if a scout wants to achieve the Gold Award-the highest award a girl can earn-she must first earn the Cadette Silver Award.

In order to do this, she must complete a Journey sometime during her three years as a Cadette Scout.

One thing that Girl Scout leaders are known for is their resourcefulness. That is why they have taken the initiative and have redone the Journeys to make them more fun for the girls to work on.

This website is a resource for the three Cadette Journeys.

Cadette Girl Scout Journeys Resources for Leaders-ideas for getting the most from each Journey

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The MEdia Journey is all about how the media portrays things as they really are not-including how women and girls should look. With self-esteem issues due to their changing bodies running rampant in this age group, this is an important journey to study.

The Amaze Journey is all about bullying and relational aggression. This is a timely topic due to the fact that it peaks during the middle school years, when girls are Cadette Scouts.

The Breathe Journey is all about the air we breathe, pollution, and also about finding time in our own lives to breathe.  Girls today have hectic schedules and they need to learn how to stop and unwind periodically.

Each blog page is devoted to one journey.  Resources will be updated as they become available.

If you find any resources of your own, please let me know and I will add them to each article.